“It was a crazy hug”

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For Elias Majid, owner of Eli Tea Bar, any concerns about the possibility of a tea-focused “sober bar” would work in Chicago was swiftly resolving on the opening weekend. The bingo game held in the Andersonville venue this weekend was nearly completely sold out. A pop-up with Michigan’s pie makers Michigan Pie Maker was totally sold out up to selling out, Majid declared. The event followed an easy opening two weeks before that had 45 people waiting in line for a table. “Our smooth and seamless opening wasn’t seamless,” said Majid. “It’s been an amazing hug.  Eli Tea Bar opened Friday at 5507 N. Clark St. as Michigan’s second coffee bar. The store has teas in loose leaf along with a vast menu of drinks that are special. But, Majid hopes that the establishment will be renowned for its drinks and its aim to provide a welcoming and clean gathering space for LGBTQ people. Eli Tea Bar is open until 9 p.m. on weekdays and closes at 10 p.m. on weekends. It will stay open until midnight during the peak of summer to provide an alcohol-free venue for those in people who live in communities that are heavily dependent on drinking, Majid stated. “The only option for late night drinking is in bar” Majid said. Majid. “We quickly saw an influx of drinkers. This has been awed many people, and it’s a place that isn’t likely to provoke these people. 
Credit: Colin Boyle / Block Club Chicago
Elias Majid serves tea at Elias Majid’s tea lounge in the Eli Tea Bar located at 5507 N. Clark St., Andersonville on December 20 20 20, 2021.
Majid established Eli Tea Bar in 2012 and began selling tea blends in loose form at farmer’s markets and Pop-ups. Majid established the cafe’s main location within Birmingham, Michigan, in 2014. Chicago and particularly, Andersonville is an ideal option for the second option due to its significant LGBTQ community in addition to being an internationally-connected hub where Majid will be able to further develop his business said. Majid is also a graduate of Loyola University in Chicago, so he’s well-connected to Andersonville, which is Andersonville smaller-scale businesses. “It’s about creating something tasty with a clear vision of what tea coffee might be,” said Majid. “I believe we’ve hit on the nail on the head. 
Credit: Colin Boyle / Block Club Chicago
Counters are in The Eli Tea Bar 5507 N. Clark St., Andersonville on December 20 and 2021.
Eli Tea Bar Eli Tea Bar serves sparkling matcha tea as well as bubble tea, and a constantly changing menu of specialty drinks. Some coffee drinks are also available, as well as non-caffeinated drinks are also available. The bakery sells baked items available from The Spoke & Bird, located in the South Loop, and plans to have a menu that includes barbecue cheese Majid stated. Clark Street Cafe features an tea bar and an outlet for tea sets, tea leaves and loose leaf blends with tea as well as brewing apparatus, along and Eli Tea Bar products. The back of the sale area is a lounge area that can be used as a stage which will be constructed during winter. Lounge will host regular activities along with the full list of events scheduled to commence in the summer season, Majid said. The plans are for live entertainment, along with drag bingo, trivia as well as the “Powerpoint Night” where attendees create five-minute presentation on a topic they are interested in and the winner is decided by the audience. “We wanted to make sure that we’re not doing this just to hold the events” Majid said. Majid. “I do not want this to be a simple free-to-entertainment night. 
Credit: Colin Boyle / Block Club Chicago
Elias Majid poses for an image at the counter of Eli Tea Bar 5507 N. Clark St. in Andersonville on the 20th day of Dec 2021.
If Majid succeeds in getting what he needs, Eli Tea Bar will be available in the sidewalks of Chicago just outside its Andersonville retail storefront. Eli Tea Bar also has wholesalers and Majid hopes to make his teas in cafes and restaurants. To achieve this, the company launched an on-line campaign in order to collect money through Mainvest. Mainvest platform seeks to raise $100,000. Mainvest allows investors to invest as much as 100 dollars and gives investors the opportunity to earn profits from investments, which keep the money far from Wall Street and into the communities. To date up to date, $53,000 has been taken through 41 funds of investment. The campaign will close on December 31st. For more details , click here. Majid said that he’d asked for business loans to fund the expansion however, he could find a fair deal. When the building of the shop is finished and the money has been procured, they will boost the stock of the store, and also revive the wholesale industry that was operating in Chicago. “I am seeking individuals in our community who want to be part of enterprise,” he said. “They act as ambassadors for us. Eli Tea Bar is open from noon to 9 p.m. Every day from Monday until Friday from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. On Saturdays, in addition to 11:00 a.m. until 8 p.m. on Sundays. HTML0Get involved with Block Club Chicago, an independent and independent 51 (c) (3) publication owned by journalist. Every cent we earn from our reporting about Chicago neighborhood. Click here to donate the Block Club with a tax-deductible contribution. Thank you for signing up to Block Club Chicago, an independent (501) (c) (3) publication run by journalists. Every penny we make contributes to the development of Chicago neighborhoods. Click here to make a donation your money to Block Club with a tax-deductible contribution. It is possible to listen “It’s Everything All Right Podcast by Block Club Chicago” here: Block Club Chicago” here:

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